Success Story 1

This client came to ABS Fitness with a strong desire to have more defined abdominal muscles. He had great results in a short period of time! 7% body fat loss was achieved. How? He was put on a body building regimen–to help him gain muscle and lose body fat. A diet was put in place which incorporated grocery store foods and was realistic for his lifestyle and schedule. This client’s plan included adding in lots of protein at first, and adding in carbohydrates later. Lots of cardio, weight training and exercises were part of his routine. Extra abdominal exercises while at home were included as well.

Success Story 2

These amazing results for this lady took 8 months. She approached ABS Fitness at a Vitamin Shoppe promotional vendor fair asking for assistance. One of her main goals was to trim her arms, but she also wanted to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass.Her program included boot camp with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), one on one personal training, and a large variety of exercises. The diet plan for this client was very customized, and rather strict. ABS Fitness professionals tailored her diet to help her with eating clean while controlling portions and doing some macro counting. She had a schedule of when to eat fruit, veggies, protein, and carbohydrates and the quantity. Her hard work paid off!

Success Story 3

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Success Story 4

As a 20 year-old female who wanted a trimmed and defined midriff, this client pursued coaching from ABS Fitness. She had a goal of going away to college being able to wear a crop top with confidence, and wanted a sustainable plan for keeping a trim physique. She was put on a diet plan with intermittent fasting, and attended boot camp as well as 2-30 minute personal training sessions weekly. Her end result was a body fat content of under 20%!

Success Story 5

Referred to ABS Fitness by another client, this girl achieved a major transformation in just 3 weeks! She had been on the Keto diet for 2 years, but had noticed a plateau over the second year. She knew this was not a sustainable plan and sought help. Her body responded very to a customized diet plan transitioning her away from Keto. She lost 15 pounds and went from 30% body fat content to 23% body fat content.

Success Story 6

Having just relocated to Florida, this client knew she wanted to hire a trainer as she had had one in the past. She had a goal of getting back to 113 pounds, and she wound up at 112 pounds. Her results were achieved with a customized diet plan and intermittent fasting, along with one personal training per week with weight training and HIIT. Her sessions always ended with core conditioning exercises and she did extra core exercises at home.

Want to lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks?