Led by certified fitness trainers Justin and Abigail Schultz, ABS Fitness has been helping individuals achieve their fitness goals through personally-guided sessions that are customized to each client’s specific needs.

ABS Fitness TeamMore than just another trainer, Justin, Abigail and the rest of our training staff act as your workout partners, physically engaging in each exercise alongside you as we help you reach your goals.

It is our desire and our passion to be your guide on your path to wellness here in the Riverview and Apollo Beach area.

Our judgment-free, no pressure approach to personal training means that you’ll get a comfortable yet effective experience that you’ll enjoy coming back to.

Offering a range of workout programs and sessions featuring cardiovascular exercises, resistance training and flexibility routines, ABS Fitness trainers are committed to creating a plan that helps you discover the benefits of wellness. Combining sensible meal plans with private sessions as well as group classes and boot camps, we make custom recommendations that suit your needs – never relying on the same cookie-cutter fitness plan that has you wishing for the end of your session.

With affordable, upfront pricing, our programs have helped hundreds enjoy their sessions without the worry of hidden fees or exorbitant costs.

Boasting thousands of pounds lost among hundreds of clients, our team prides ourselves on the fact that our personal fitness system changes lives. We can help you change yours, too!

Meet The ABS Fitness Team


Abigail (Abbey) Schultz, Certified Master Trainer

  • Certified nutritionist specialist
  • Exercise therapy certified
  • Transformation specialist
  • Certified Group instructor
  • Injury prevention specialist
  • Weight management specialist
  • Glute specialist

Justin Schultz, Certified Master Trainer

  • Certified group instructor
  • Transformation specialist
  • Injury prevention specialist
  • Weight management specialist
  • Bodybuilding specialist 
  • Correct of exercise specialist

Phil, Certified Master Trainer

Phil enjoys helping others achieve a full transformation including the mind, body, and soul

  • CPR certified  
  • Injury prevention specialist 
  • Specializing in Weight loss and sports conditioning and behavioral change
  • High school athlete, surf, skateboards, and hikes 

Alejandro, Certified Master Trainer

Alejandro enjoys mixed martial arts training, bodybuilding, and helping others achieve push their limits and achieve things they never thought possible or capable

  • CPR certified 
  • Injury prevention specialist 
  • Master boxing coach
  • Specializing in Weight loss, kickboxing, boxing, and mindset enhancement

ABS Fitness is proud to offer the following to our valued clients:

  • Private, one-on-one personal training sessions
  • Group fitness sessions
  • Boot camps
  • Rehab exercise for injury and injury prevention
  • Fitness training during pregnancy
  • Customized workout programs
  • Personal training for those with disabilities
  • Personalized nutritional plans

Discover the benefits of having a true fitness training professional on your side by signing up for your free personal fitness assessment now. As Apollo Beach’s preferred private fitness training provider, we promise a fitness-centric knowledge base, unbridled passion, and unparalleled customer care.

If you’re in the Riverview, Brandon or Apollo Beach areas, we’d love to hear from you! 

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