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Frequently Asked Questions

This is something that we believe is important to go over in the in-person assessment. We would like to sit down and take time in the office to talk through your personal goals.
This depends on your own personal goals. If you're looking for a very muscular, athletic look, we suggest you lean. If you want to lose weight we recommend you cut. If you want a bodybuilder look, you will need to bulk. We recommend sitting in with a trainer for your one on one consultation.

Yes, it's possible but it is very difficult and should be supervised by one of our certified trainers to do this properly.  It takes strategic implementation through nutrition and specific workout routines.

This is something you would discuss with the on-site nutritionist one-on-one, whether that be on the phone or in-person. This will be determined based on your personalized height, weight, and age.
Yes, just like too much fiber can be unhealthy, consuming too much protein can be unhealthy. Your body can only absorb so much protein after it is maxed out on how much it can absorb it is then converted into fat. This is something we recommend you discuss with our on-site nutritionist.
Not necessarily, as it is dependent on your personal goals. For fat loss, you do want to be sweating in order to burn the fat. If you are working on rehabilitating a part of your body that has been injured you most likely will not sweat and still get a good workout. Have a consultation with our team and we can see what fits your goals.